How Much Do F1 Drivers Make?

Whenever you watch a race, you always wonder how much the F1 drivers make. The amount is huge, and it is even larger when you consider how much their teams make. In fact, it is estimated that the average F1 driver makes over $1 million per season.
Sebastian Vettel

Despite being an older driver on the grid, Sebastian Vettel makes a lot of money. In fact, he is ranked among the highest paid drivers in the sport. And while his salary is lower than it was when he was younger, it’s still quite a bit.

While he’s only 35, Vettel’s net worth is estimated to be over $140 million. He’s been endorsed by many well-known brands, including Pepe Jeans, Casio, and Shell. He also owns a vintage motorcycle and luxury cars.

One of the reasons he’s such a star is because of his ability to win. Vettel has won four F1 world championships and holds the record for most consecutive race wins in F1. He also owns a private helicopter.

Another reason Sebastian Vettel is such a successful driver is his ability to lead from the front. shop customs ‘s known for his one-finger victory salute and his ability to beat the field. He’s also a fan favorite on the paddock. He’s also a big fan of Beatles karaoke.

Aside from his ability to win, Sebastian Vettel also makes a lot of money from endorsements. He’s endorsed by many famous brands, including Casio, Infiniti, and Shell. He also donates money to charity.

In several baseball training equipment , he’s so successful that he’s on Forbes’ list of the top 100 paid athletes of all time. He also has an impressive car collection, including cars from Mercedes and Ferrari.
Eddie Irvine

During his racing career, Eddie Irvine has earned a substantial amount of money. He has earned over US$52 million during his career, which is a huge sum.

He also has a property portfolio that includes 40 properties across the globe. He has also racked up a net worth of $120 million. This makes him one of the wealthiest racing drivers of all time.

During his F1 career, Eddie Irvine has won four major races. He also has an impressive list of awards and accomplishments. One of his most notable achievements was winning the prestigious Hawthorn Memorial Trophy.

He has also been involved in 148 races during his career. Eddie Irvine has earned a lot of money from his racing career, and has continued to grow his net worth off the track. He has also earned over US$30 million in endorsement deals.

He has also appeared on the Sunday Times Rich List. He is known for his shrewd investment skills and is considered one of the wealthiest F1 drivers of all time.

He has also been linked to a takeover of a Formula One team, Minardi. He has also owned a 72 foot yacht in Monte Carlo. He also owns a luxury complex in the Caribbean. He also owns 50 flats and houses in the UK through Chrishardzoe Developments.
Charles Leclerc

Currently, Charles Leclerc is one of the highest paid F1 drivers in the world. His salary is estimated at $12 million per year. In addition to this, Charles Leclerc earns a large amount of money through endorsements. In the future, his net worth is likely to increase. is a young race car driver from Monaco. He has been racing since age eight. He has won several championships, including the F2 championship and the GP3 series. He has been a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy. In addition to his racing, he runs his own karting company. He has also been sponsored by Giorgio Armani and Richard Mille.

As a young driver, Charles Leclerc was inspired by the late Jules Bianchi. Jules Bianchi died in a crash at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc dedicated his first F1 victory to Bianchi.

Charles Leclerc has a unique look for a F1 driver. He has a white helmet with a minimal design. He also wears Ray-Ban sunglasses. His car collection includes multi-million dollar supercars and go-anywhere luxury SUVs.

In 2019, Charles Leclerc finished in fourth place in the Drivers’ Championship. He also finished ahead of Max Verstappen in the Abu Dhabi GP. In addition to his racing, he is also an active player on social media. He has an impressive Twitch channel with over seven hundred thousand subscribers.

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